Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Under the sea

We are expanding our seaside theme to think about what lives under the sea.

We read Dear Greenpeace by Simon James.
Image result for dear greenpeace

We have been thinking about where different animals feel happy, where they live and why they live there. We explored different habitats such as the Arctic, Savannah & the beach.

Can you tell an adult which animals would live in these places and why?

Image result for rainbow fish
We have also read the Rainbow Fish and have made our own rainbow fishes. We have been thinking about what kind deeds we can do for our friends and family.

In maths we have been working on a challenge to decide which animals could go in a field that can only have 6 legs in it. We found out that a dog and a duck could live there. Can you find a different way? How about finding which animals could live in a field that can only have 12 legs?

We have also been exploring shapes. We have looked at 3D shapes and sung the 3D shape song:
We have been exploring sides, corners, edges and straight and curved lines. 

Why not try a 3D shape treasure hunt around your home and see what you can find?

We built 3D shape towers.

Our Year 5 buddies came to explore shapes with us - do they roll or slide? Do they have straight or curved edges? Do they have any square surfaces?


Don't forget it is Sports day on Thursday 29th June. We'd love to see you there - more details to follow.