Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Sports Day Update


Please note that the Early Years Sports Day is Wednesday 27th June not Tuesday 26th June as mentioned on the previous blog (now updated). Apologies for any confusion.

We're all going on a summer holiday!!

This week we have been thinking about the summer holidays. We made flags to top our sand castles, role played buying and making ice creams and have made our own post cards showing our families what we like about the beach. We read a story called Lucy and Tom at the Seaside by Shirley Hughes which told us all about a day at the seaside. Perhaps you could look at your photo albums with your child and talk about your holidays together.

We are starting to  think of our transition into Reception class and have met our Year 5 buddies who shared stories with us. They will be helping us in our first few weeks of Reception to settle into having lunches in the hall and out on the playground. In the coming weeks we shall continue to share time with them to get to know them better and have fun with them. Don't forget the New to Reception Parents meeting at 6pm in the hall tomorrow evening (21st June) to find out about what your child's Reception year will look like.

We have been invited to listen to music and hear different instruments. Last week we explored the cello, double bass, viola and violin. The double bass was bigger than the children. This week we clapped rhythms and marched to the drums. We all had a turn to play the drums too - it was very loud!! Photos to follow!

 We have also been finishing our topic on mini beasts.

Matching numbers and counting dots.
 Image result for how many bugs in abox
How many bugs in a box?  We read the book then counted how many bugs could fit in different sized boxes.


 We designed our own bugs then painted our designs onto stones. Then we used our work to make a group composition which you will be able to see in the Reception office area. When the stones are varnished they will come home.


 Making 3 letter words with our magnetic letters and writing the words too!


We will continue our summer holidays theme next week.
Don't forget we have our Early Years Teddy Bear's picnic and sports session on Wednesday 27th June at 1030, weather permitting. Please come along and watch us participate in a variety of activities and come dressed to join in the Parents and Carers races too! Please can your child come dressed in comfortable running clothes on Tuesday instead of their school uniform.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Mini beasts galore!

This week and last week our theme has been mini beasts.

We have been engaged in all sorts of activities round our topic and working on skills of observational drawing, research, using language to describe our experiences and doing bugs maths, among other learning opportunities.

Feeding the tennis ball bugs with lots of yummy buttons - this helps our fine motor skills.


Making fact files about our favourite mini beast.

Finding mini beasts in the sand and talking about how many legs they have

Sorting information and fiction books, talking about why they are different.
Counting the spots on our lady birds

Making a lego mazes to run our hex bugs through and thinking about how we can get the hex bugs to move round the mazes taking different routes

Observing and touching the snails and using our language skills to describe what we see and feel.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Igniting Children’s Curiosity

Inspiring children's imaginative speaking and listening
This week, we have focussed on inspiring children to extend their imaginative speaking and listening skills through providing ‘magical’ opportunities and experiences.
We read a book called "The Blue Balloon" by Mick Inkpen and thought about where our balloons would take us. Some of the children's ideas were:
"Into the mud with the crocodiles"
"Through the jungle with cheeky monkeys and mean dinosaurs."
"My balloon would take me to a party with all my friends."
"My balloon would take me to space to meet some aliens."
We made some magical mixtures using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and were very excited to see what happened when the ingredients reacted.

We made some wizard's hats to help us make our potions
We wrote labels for our bottles

"My magic will be beautiful . Its going to be good and make stars!"
"I'm using water and fairy dust. I'm going to make a magic potion. Abracadara...make me a rainbow unicorn."
We used the language of capacity, thinking about whether our bottles were full, half full or empty, as well as developing fine motor skills by using pipettes to fill our bottles.

We read a story called The Magic Bed by John Burningham
Image result for the magic bed
We thought about where a magic carpet might take us and described the animals we saw, the noises they made, the land around us and how it felt to be there.

We made up our own stories using a story box.
"Once upon a time, the pirates looked for treasure, they sailed across the sea. They met a whale. "Let's be friends" said the whale. The crabs chased away the pirate and the whale. They find the treasure...1,2,3,4,5,6,7 jewels, and go home and take it to see mummy and daddy."

We looked inside small secret bags and boxes to discover what was inside. We thought about who might use these special objects and what they might do with them.


This week we did our PE lesson outside.
 We practiced throwing, relays and running races.  

Next week is our half term holiday. Have a relaxing break and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 5th June. Please remember that Monday 4th June is an Inset day.