Wednesday, 10 February 2016

From Britain ... to China!

In the school's celebration of British Values, Butterflies had their own parliament!  Bella worked hard as the Speaker, keeping everyone in “Order!”!


 By learning about how democracy works we understood how rules and voting means that things are fair. 


In Expressive Arts Butterflies have been looking at the artist Monet and thinking about how different pictures can make us feel.

We have read a great book called Katie & the Impressionists to help us imagine what it be like to step into a painting and use our senses to explore… Try it, its great fun!

We have created some fantastic impressionist style paintings which you will be able to view and buy in the School Art Gallery at the end of February. 

In both Caterpillars and Butterflies we have enjoyed using different techniques to paint pictures.

In caterpillars we explored how to make and change sounds using different instruments.

In maths we are thinking about number – counting and adding - using dominoes, Numicon and lots of other things to help us in fun practical activities. 
Butterflies are becoming experts at writing number sentences - ask them to show you their karate maths moves!
Maybe at home you can challenge me to add up all the knives and forks on the table, or add all yours and my fingers together!

This week is Chinese New Year - Year of the Red Monkey!!
We have been watching Chinese Dragon Dances and leaning about the story of the race of the animals.  We were inspired to make our own dragon and play the instruments to do our own dragon dance!


Please don’t forget to come to the Gallery, we can’t wait to show you our paintings! (and they are much more affordable than a Monet…!!)