Tuesday 24 July 2018

So long, fare well, auf wiedersehn, goodbye....

Bye Bye Butterfly ...

Its the end of Nursery year and what a year we've had! There's been so many wonderful moments and we've had great fun through out. Your children have been amazing and we've enjoyed our year immensely.

You've been a great set of supportive and caring parents. Thank you for coming in and seeing your child's Learning Journals.

You will be able to take them home once Mrs Hardie has had an opportunity to look at them.

To those children going on to Reception, the best of wishes and good luck; and for those who are entering Nursery with the lovely Mrs Beard, I know that you'll continue to have lots of fun and learning.

Thank you so much for all the presents, cards and kind words - we are very touched!

Have a wonderful holiday and wishing you all the very best!

Mrs Page and Mrs Ivory


Thursday 12 July 2018

Land Ahoy!

Yo ho ho!

This week we are pirates.

Our role play is pirate themed with dressing up clothes, pirate ships and a treasure chest of pirate goodies, plus lots of writing opportunities to make 'wanted' posters.

Meet our motely crew!
Our buddies helped us make pirate flags and we've loved making pirate hats too.

 This week has been really busy. We met Kieran who played his bass guitar for us. He played different notes - deep, medium and high. We used the voices of the 3 bears to identify what pitch the sounds were. Then we kept rhythm and danced to his music.  

Most of our butterflies have hatched and we have been really interested in watching them. We will release them as soon as the last one has emerged.

Those of us who are going to Reception in September spent some time with our new friends and our new teacher Mrs Hardie.

Next week we will continue with our pirate theme and getting ready for our transition to Reception.

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Ship Shape!

This week we are thinking about 2D and 3D shapes. We've played lots of games to help us use the language of shapes including shape names and words like sides, edges and corners.

We've been on shape hunts in the garden, building 3D shape towers and spotting cubes, cones, pyramids and spheres.

We've also met up with our buddies again, making an under the sea collage together. It is now in our classroom and looking great.

We've also been exploring money, sorting coins, using the language such as bronze, copper, silver, pennies, pounds and pence. We have been thinking about how 1p can buy less than £1 and using our coins to buy things in our class shop.
We've had great fun making MASSIVE bubbles - Wow!

We would like to invite you to come into school on Wednesday 18th July to share our Learning Journals with us. If your child does not stay for lunch, there will be an opportunity to see what your child has been learning at 1145. For those children who do stay for lunch club, please pop in at 1240.


Wednesday 27 June 2018

Sports day

 Under the sea
We have been exploring the theme Under the Sea. We made a large collage of under the sea and made seaside pictures using sand, bubble printing, leaves and other materials to create a beach environment.  

Our buddies came to visit us again and took our ideas for the stories they are writing for us.  

Our caterpillars have arrived and we are very interested in watching them move, and can't wait to see them turn into butterflies.

"I can run faster than a gingerbread man."

This week we have had our EYFS sports day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. The children were fantastic sports and did their very best in all the activities. Well done Nursery - you were absolutely great and we are so proud of you all.





Well done to the Mums and Dads who raced too!
  We had a lovely picnic in the Early Years garden with our families and friends.

What a lovely morning! Thank you all for coming.